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Why inspecting lifting devises ?

- To prevent the falls of load due to the rupture of wire rope or chains, the relaxation of the brake or the wrong movements.
This makes it possible to preserve the human lives, against the losses or wounds, and to preserve the goods.
- To guarantee the availability and to increase the productivity.

Moroccan regulation making inspection obligatory

- 09/09/1953 decrees
- Moroccan Labor Code
- Ministerial decrees

Authorities in charge of the regulation application

Employment Ministry.

Devises under regulation

Cranes, lift trucks, electric hoist, overhead bridge crane, manual hoists, hand winch, rack and pinion rack jack etc.

Regulation obligations

- Static and dynamic test: Before the first use, after disassembling and reassembling or after a modification
- Periodic inspection : Annual or semi-annual

Documents to be required when purchasing a lifting devises

No documents required by the Moroccan regulation, but it is recommended to require the safety and maintenance manual and the maintenance register.

Our Staff

3 approval engineers and 3 high level technicians with at least 14 years experience.

We have the Employment Ministry approval since January 2001 .
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