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Principle of thermography

Infrared thermography is based on the temperature measurement by emissivity. The evaluation is made on the basis of comparison of the temperatures for various points of the controlled equipment.

Why inspecting your installation by infrared thermography ?

°In electricity

- To prevent the fire hazards due to the bad tightening, a bad insulation, or an overload
- To guarantee the availability and to increase the productivity
- To have a discount from your fire insurer.

°In building

- To determine the state of the roof and the extent of the infiltration of water.
- To locate the absence or the insufficiency of insulation on the external walls and to identify the losse of energy by air infiltration.

°In industry

To inspect:
Heat insulators, refractories, stages, bearings, valves, regulation equipment, piping, Steam pipe, corrosion, operating temperatures, etc.

Moroccan regulation making inspection obligatory

No regulation only
- FMSAR Moroccan Insurance Federation recommendations.

Our Staff

2 engineers and 2 high level technicians with at least 14 years experience.

We have experience in infrared thermography inspection.
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